The Sound Detector SD-200 is an entry-level sound level meter that is designed for the measurement of workplace noise levels. Integrating/Averaging Computes average sound pressure level for accurate assessment of intermittent sound levels User Selectable LED Alert Screen Provides quick visual reference of sound levels Compact and Lightweight Design Accommodates one-hand operation Rechargeable Battery

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SE400 Intrinsically Safe Sound Level Meters

The Sound Examiner SE-400 series of sound meters are engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments. These advanced instruments compute the average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the run time, helping you to more accurately assess occupational and environmental noise levels.

The Sound Examiner Series are datalogging and compatible with the new DMS Software.

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The TSI Quest™ SoundPro™ SE and DL series Sound Level Meters and Real-Time Analyzers help provide advanced sound level monitoring and comprehensive data analysis. Available in Class/Type 1 and Class/Type 2 models, these instruments
feature large screen displays that enable real-time frequency analysis, and data-storing capabilities that make it easy to post-process and evaluate workplace noise levels.

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SV 973 is a Type 2 sound level meter with a wide frequency range up to 20 kHz. The unique feature of the SV 973 is the microphone in MEMS technology with a lifetime warranty. The meter’s measurement range from 25 to 130 dB enables its use in industrial and environmental noise measurements. Optional 1/1 and 1/3 Filters available. Data Logging with Supervisor Software.

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Small hand held Type 1 Data Logging Sound Level meter with Optional 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Filters, Audio recording option and Voice comments option.

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Type 1 Sound and Vibration Analyser – Optional 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Filters, Ultrasound Measurements, FFT Analysis, Time Domain Signal recording, Audio events recording, reverberation time measurements, Bluetooth interface with Smart phone App.

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The SVAN 979 Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer is our flagship device. The SVAN 979 has a very large dynamic range of measurement - over 110dB. It’s high-quality GRAS 40AE microphone allows measurement in the frequency range starting as low as 3 Hz. The SVAN 979 has an extensive range of hardware and firmware add-ons that includes built-in Bluetooth, windscreen infrared detector, direct connections to GPS module, GPRS or WiFi modem or the totally unique built-in vibration shock sensor that warns the user whenever the instrument itself is exposed to vibrations that may influence the noise measurements. It is also important to note that unlike other brands which recalculate FFT spectrum to octave bands, the SVAN 979 performs frequency analysis in real-time, whether in octaves, third octaves all the way up to 1/12 octaves.


New Outdoor Noise Monitoring Stations from SVANTEK include the SV271, SV277 and SV279. Complete with weather proof cases, outdoor microphone systems and 3G Modems for fast data transfer over the Internet to PC.

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The SV 307 is a new Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) dedicated for permanent noise monitoring. The SV 307 integrates Class 1 sound level meter with a modem in the removable waterproof housing. The SV 307 is equipped with a new MEMS microphone with a life-time warranty. The measurement data is stored on the microSD card.

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Type 2 Acoustic Calibrator

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Environmental Noise Monitoring System - ‘All in One’ Design, IP65, Internal 3G/WiFi Modem, Real time streaming, Web Server for remote System Configuration, Low power consumption.

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Supervisor Software Supplied with Instruments

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The AcoustiCal AC-300 is a precision calibrator designed to help you accurately field calibrate your sound level meters and noise dosimeters. Designed for ANSI and IEC Class/Type 1 meters, the AC-300 makes it easy to calibrate your instrument before and after each series of measurements. It produces two signals, 250 Hz or 1,000 Hz at a sound pressure level of 114 dB, allowing for selection of the mode that best fits your application. A quick and easy process, users simply insert the microphone of the instrument into the AC-300 calibrator, select the signal from its simple one-button keypad, and calibrate.

DMS - Detection Management Software

Designed for Dosimetry, Sound level measurements, Heat stress assessments and Environmental monitoring, the software helps safety and occupational professionals

- Retrieve, download, share and save instrument data
- Generate charts and reports
- Export and share recorded data
- Perform ‘what if’ analysis
- Set up instruments and check for firmware updates.